About Allmeda

Allmeda thoroughly organizes and assists in choosing treatment of foreign patients
in the Republic of Poland.

Allmeda offers support and counseling to all patients who can`t undergo medical treatment in their countries because of variety of reasons (high costs, long expectation times etc.). Through cooperation only with the selected, renowned clinics we can assure your safety and treatment efficacy - at a low cost!

We realize that making a decision about treatment abroad is not easy. That is why we not only organize medical treatment itself. We also  take care of all aspects related to your visit in the Republic of Poland (transport, accommodation, etc.). We can also assist you with everything you choose to do during your stay in Poland. We offer  the possibility to take part in sightseeing tours  with a tourist guide (visiting theaters, museums, monuments etc.) or  help you to make the most out of your time spent in Poland in any other way you want!

Allmeda consists of and is managed by young, energetic, andcreative people with passion for their work and your complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are striving to keep our services at the top levelat all times. This is why the number of our satisfied clients is constantly growing.

Why us?

Individual approach

We realize that every patient is different and has different needs and expectations. Therefore, in Allmeda we don`t just offer ready, one-size-fits-all medical packages. Every client is treated individually, and their stay and treatment in Poland is carefully planned and taken care of in minor detail. We provide tailor-made services suited to you and your individual needs. 

Cooperation only with selected institutions

Is very important to us that all our clients receive exactly what they have come here for. Therefore we choose to cooperate only with the best selected clinics and healthcare  institutions. We are very well acquainted with conditions and standards of services offered and know exactly where and when your treatment will be completed best.

Personal guardian for every client

We assign a personal guardian to each of our clients . This is the person who is responsible for the preparation of your arrival in Poland, and remains permanently available to you during your stay here – helping you in all cases where it is necessary to use the Polish language. Our employees are well trained to work with foreign clients and are very familiar with the realities of medical tourism. As a result, you can be sure that the treatment in Poland goes exactly the way you expect.

Additional services

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. This is why we make sure your time spent in Poland fulfills all your expectations and demans, even those not directly related to treatment. Do you want to explore something? Fancy going to concert halls, clubs or restaurants? How about trying out some extreme sports? There is nothing wa can’t arrange for!

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